Scale up your business with chatbots

Increased productivity and efficiency by automating workflows
Personalised interactions with customer

Messenger as platform

  • Accesible via Messenger
  • Interactive Conversational user experience
  • Large target of 1 billion users
Backend analytics on user data

“Bots are the new apps”

– Satya Nadella, CEO

“By 2017, two-thirds of all customer service interactions will be handled by automated software giving a huge scope for bots “

“The market for apps is maturing. Now one for text-based services, or chatbots, looks poised to take off”

“This mix of storytelling, product discovery and customer service is seen as the likely future for chatbots; making consumer engagement possible at a much wider scale than could have been achieved before”



Bots can learn customer’s digital behaviour and engage in personalized conversations driving better sales and business value

  • Customers can enquire bots for product/brand and place order
  • Bots can also handle payment and order tracking
  • Bots can recommend personalised ‘Style’, product offers/coupons, best buy’s to improve your B2C sales and brand

Customer Support & Service

Bots can be customized with your brand voice to provide a 24/7 communication channel for your customers.

  • Bots can handle FAQ’s, connect to live agents, reset passwords
  • Users can enquire and order a service, track order status – check flights, hotel reservations, track monthly expense

Knowledge Portals

Bots as Virtual Knowledge agents can assist your users in answering queries with rich content from across the Internet

  • Users can subscribe to your bots to get updates on favourite and trending topics and news feeds
  • Bots can enhance virtual learning across categories by providing personalized assistance


Watch a video about the features of a chatbot to know how it can grow your business

  • Messenger users search for business and find your bots
  • Customizable Welcome screen for your brand
  • Quick Reply automates conversation by prompting options to select rather than type
  • Persistent Menus with frequently used commands help restart flows
  • Smart interaction using GIF’s, audio, videos, links, images and product carousels
  • Paypal and shopping cart integration
  • Linking your customer account with their messenger accounts
  • Call button routing to your Sales/Service team
  • Share button to enable customer share smart content with their network


Like our counterparts in the industry, we believe in the potential of bots across industries. We help innovate your business through our custom bots centered around quality and user experience. Our fully equipped team is abreast of technology and tools to deliver products with very low time to market. From understanding your requirements to product support we collaborate at every stage to propose solutions suiting your needs.

A Smart bot for all your requirements

Unique Welcome screen for your brand
Customized bot response
Smart & Simple interface
Rich Media content
Responsive UX
Bot Prototype

Our Grantbot – Bobbi!

Looking for the right government grant for your business needs? From a simple “Hello”, Bobbi takes you through the dynamic and complex grant ecosystem in Singapore to help find the appropriate grant to accelerate your business

Bobbi’s interactive user experience allows users narrow down their requirement and notifies their grant eligibilities. Designed for Pealo – a fintech start up, the bot has reduced their overload in validating leads and has increased their customer base. Bobbie can also appeal for rejections and help with other financial products.

Singapore’s first and only bot for SME’s

Featured in

Customer Reference

“I have had the pleasure of working with The Software Practice over the last 5 years. What started out as an outsourced arrangement quickly became the default engagement for my product development requirements. Through my past involvement with them I have found that Khasali and his team have a great ability to convert user requirements into a product development road map and then working closely with me and my team to explore various technical requirements and decision making. I strongly feel that their strength lies in developing serious Web and Mobile applications with complicated work flows. They have the ability of simplifying the process. I have also found the team to be very technically capable and does allow for quick turn around to meet crazy time lines that we go through during the course of a start up. I would strongly recommend them and would be happy to be a reference for them.”
Prakash Somosundram, CEO, Pealo Pte Ltd

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