The Software Practice is a technology company based in Singapore that builds sophisticated web and mobile applications for Enterprises and Government Agencies.

We started TSP by working with entrepreneurs who brought expertise in specific industry verticals but required a technical team that could help them realize their ideas. We partnered with them as their product teams helping them build their MVP, talk to customers and refine the product, raise money, and even hire their in-house tech teams while remaining as consultants.

Now, our clients range from large enterprises and Government Agencies in Singapore requiring innovative solutions in critical business workflows to small start-ups looking to build and launch their product from scratch. Our clientele includes some of the largest SE Asian banks, Fortune 500 IT firms, several Government Agencies in Singapore and one of Asia’s largest airports.

We bring deep expertise in a range of industries, and work closely with you to design and architect practical and efficient solutions to your business problems.

Who we work with