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Incident Reporting

Our Contribution
Mobile App Development, iOS, Android, Responsive Design, Reporting, Quality Assurance, Software Development
Phonegap, Jquery, HTML/CSS, .NET C#, SQL Server


The BCA has numerous facilities under their purview – ranging from amusements park rides to lifts and escalators all over Singapore. It was a daunting task for the organization to log, track and monitor the lifecycle of issues being reported by these facilities via phone calls and WhatsApp messages. Our mandate was to streamline the fault-reporting process and create a mechanism through which the relevant officer could be notified of the incident.

Public Sector

The Process

We took the typical TSP approach to development – wireframes and storyboards followed by UI mocks and iterative builds in consultation with the client. We settled on building an application that would allow operators to record incidents by filling in relevant data, annotating photos taken with their phones and sending them over via the app. The case would then get routed to the appropriate officer based on the severity of the incident.

Midway through development, the Client realized that a system flexible enough to be useable by several other departments with slightly different workflows would be immense utility.  The foresight during architecting and planning the development cycle paid off here. We had already built the infrastructure in a series of abstractions that allowed these changes to be accommodated with incurring major delays or costs to the client. Thus, in addition to the mobile application, we developed a back-end web portal. This resembles an inbox with powerful search and filtering functionality to help BCA officers retrieve and deal quickly with any number of in-house issues.


This project was commissioned successfully and handed over to the Agency.