Case Studies

eApproval System with Configurable Business Rules Engine

Our Contribution
Process re-engineering and automation to streamline interdepartmental routing and approval workflows for implementation projects in Singapore.
.NET Core; HTML5; CSS3; jQuery; leafletJS


The contractors performing construction and installation works in Singapore needed to submit their projects and our client, a Government Agency, needed a way to manage and approve these projects which are submitted along with other enhanced functionalities, as part of this revamped eApproval solution.

TSP worked with the Government Agency to develop and deliver a custom web application which comprises of two major components – an internet portal for companies to submit new projects and draw shapes on a rendered map view to indicate the boundary of their proposed implementation; as well as an intranet portal with a configurable business rules engine to route submitted applications to the appropriate Agency departments, with efficient notifications to alert Agency users of pending actions. The Agency users are able to define and modify the various business rules, notifications and email templates within the system to cater to changes in business requirements and approval flows.

Public Sector
Business Rules Engine
Routing Engine
Geospatial and Maps

The Challenges

The end solution required to function as a configurable system with a lot of complex workflows and business rules which needed to managed and amended by Agency users. At the same time, various settings such as notification frequencies, alerts and email templates had to be made user editable as well.

The large number of moving parts and permutations of a submitted application (land boundaries, proximity to existing infrastructural installations, etc) meant that routing business rules may be inter-dependent on one another with varying order of significance. The ensuing complexity resulted in a challenge in designing and streamlining the business rules engine into a configurable one.


Our commissioned system, with our strong focus on User Experience, allowed Agency users to achieve the following:

  • Define and manage complex business rules through a user-friendly interface
  • Define and manage routing workflows to departments, individual users, based on business rules
  • Define and manage email alerts and notifications, frequencies and email templates
  • Enhance security and accountability through additional functionalities such as user management, reports and audit logs

Our focus on UI and UX allowed Agency users to intuitively navigate through the complexity of the system and achieve efficiency and timeliness in managing submitted applications.