Case Studies

Bespoke Laboratory Information Management System for a Public Health Laboratory in Singapore

Our Contribution
Government-approved security implementations to protect highly sensitive personal and medical data; Highly lauded user interface which improves usability in the management and tracking of laboratory test results
.NET Core; VueJS; xUnit; Fortify; SonarQube


TSP worked with one of Singapore’s Health Laboratories to develop and deliver a bespoke Laboratory Information Management System with high focus on data security and UI/UX. The System is used by the laboratory to manage test results of Singapore residents whose samples come from polyclinics and GPs across the island.

Various layers of security were implemented to ensure the personal and medical data of Singaporean residents are protected and secured.

Public Sector, Medical & Healthcare
Public Health

The Challenges

The project had to be delivered while meeting the following requirements

  • Secure management of highly sensitive personal information and medical data
  • Integration with whole-of-government (WOG) systems
  • A modular (microservices inspired) architecture
  • Stringent data security requirements on transferring, storing and display of sensitive personal data


Our bespoke laboratory information system was delivered successfully with all security requirements met.

The System is managed by a bespoke workflow and business rules engine, to manage the test processes, and results, and comes with various complex reporting functionalities to allow users to sort, filter, view and download various critical business reports.

We were able to achieve the key objectives of the System:

  • Modernize and improve operational efficiency of request management
  • Architect a future-ready application for scale
  • Build a highly secure system that can capture and store medical data of Singaporeans (including personally identifiable information, medical history, test results)