Case Studies

International Airport Mobile Application

Our Contribution
We developed a mobile application for the international airport, with a custom indoor routing module
React Native; .NET Core


We worked together with a global enterprise solutions provider and developed a bespoke mobile application for one of the top 5 busiest airports in Southeast Asia.

The mobile application is used by all travelers touching down at the international airport – it displays real-time flight information, directories, shopping and promotional content. A unique feature was a bespoke indoor routing module which serves to navigate users within the large airport complex.

Mobile Application

The Challenges

There were several technical and functional complexities which had to be met, coupled with a strict delivery timeline:

  • The mobile application had to handle high traffic.
  • The mobile application has to be designed to be compatible with over 30 mobile devices across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • The custom indoor routing module has to take into consideration of restricted areas within the airport, such as customs, security clearance and etc.


Our application was architected to handle high traffic, and prior to the official release, we had performed extensive testing across more than 30 mobile devices to ensure compatibility. The following features were included:

  • User Profile – Users are able to mange their own profile, and create details of their flight information, including Flight Status, Gate information and etc
  • Flight Information – Users receive real-time information such as flight changes, gate changes, delays and any other important updates
  • Shopping and Promotions
  • The Way Finder (custom indoor routring module) which provides directions to users on how to navigate from point-to-point, based on their real-time location – A custom routing module written to show a valid walkable path between two points within the airport (indoor navigation), taking into account different levels and areas not accessible (security, customs etc)