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Every organization requires approval for a variety of tasks with different flows for each. For instance, the process for approving employee entertainment allowances differs significantly from that of approving changes to the layout or content of a company website. When the organization is a large Government body with hundreds of departments and several hierarchies of approving managers, monitoring and managing all these flows can become a nightmare.

The Software Practice’s solution was to unify the entire process by designing a single submission and e- approval system. Our development team also ensured that the system was user-friendly to individuals across the organization – from a detail-oriented System Administrator to a time-strapped C-level manager who needs swift access to key information. The system also incorporated alerts being sent to the right people at the right time. This significantly cut down on delays resulting from approval bottlenecks.

Public Sector
Workflow engine


Unifying a variety of approval flows from various departments with different processes required careful planning and architecture. We had to start from scratch to design and develop a system as flexible as this one. While there are numerous approval system based off of CRM and ERP, none of them act as independent brokers for such a diverse group of users.

We abstracted workflows into templates that were incredibly flexible to allow for unique branching and specific use cases.  The system features a robust set of APIs, making it the single destination for several in-house BCA applications that require approval. Meanwhile, an API provisioning portal allows system administrators to grant, revoke and monitor access to several other applications.


The application is currently live and has already integrated with two separate departments to improve productivity and streamline operations.