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Clinic Management System

Our Contribution
We developed a mobile clinic platform for use in a overseas setting, where patients can request for a doctor's appointment via the mobile application. The web application, on the other hand, allow overseas clinic operations to be managed digitally, including logging of consultation and medication dispensary, inventory tracking and various reporting functionalities for management use.
Flutter; Svelte; Azure


Our client operates mobile clinics on overseas trips with a Singapore contingent. Their existing clinic operations were manual processes made up to pen and paper as well as excel spreadsheets. Clinic visitors would also have to physically arrive at the clinic and wait in-line for their turn to have a doctor’s consultation. The objective of this mobile clinic platform was to digitise the entire clinic operations overseas, and provide a better experience for doctors, nurses, and the patients.

Public Sector, Medical & Healthcare
Mobile Application
Queue Management
Clinic Management


There were several critical elements of the platform which had to be delivered in order for the business objectives to be met. Firstly, the users of the mobile application, are mostly the older generation with little exposure to usage of mobile application. Secondly, we had to design a queue management system to reduce congestion and waiting time at the clinic, while at the same time reduce or eliminate human intervention in patient registration and provide a positive user experience for patients. Thirdly, we also had to consider the unstable internet connectivity in the host country in our design to ensure smooth clinic operations.


Our solution consists is several features to boost the usage of the mobile clinic platform and ensure all business objectives are met.

  1. Our mobile application was specifically designed with UI and UX elements to ensure easy usage by older generations, include large fonts with icons, appropriate spacing between buttons, as well as easy and intuitive navigation from page to page. Other features such as language selection, automated notification and etc also serves to improve the user experience for the older audience.
  2. The design of our queue management system enables patients to book a doctor’s appointment in advance, and will only be notified to head into the clinic 5 to 10 minutes before their turn. This has resulted in little congestion in clinics, and automates various manual activities at the clinic front desk, including patient registration and physically queue management.
  3. Our architecture was specifically designed to ensure data sent through the front-end is minimal, to improve page load and performance in low bandwidth environments. We even developed a Windows application for offline usage, in the event there is no internet connectivity. The data logged in the Windows Application will be sync-ed seamlessly to the web when internet connectivity is restored.