Case Studies

Verita Wellness Mobile Application

Our Contribution
We led the architecture design, UI/UX design as well as the development of this digital health mobile application. The final product was an enterprise-grade employee engagement platform for enterprises to use as part of their health and wellness programmes.
React Native; .NET Core; Azure


Our client was rolling out a new digital health platform as part of their offerings – a health and wellness platform to increase and promote employee engagement through health and wellness activities, such as exercise challenges, habits adherence and even team-based challenges. The mobile application was designed to be engaging through gamification, and enterprise-grade, for roll out to our client’s corporate customers.

Medical & Healthcare
Mobile Application


To achieve the objectives of this platform, we had to be mindful of several success drivers:

  • UI and UX has to be engaging for employees of all demographics and tech-savviness to use and be retained
  • The application has to be integrated with various other platforms and devices to aggregate health and wellness data such as steps, heart rate and etc
  • Data security is an important consideration as the application is meant to be used by enterprises and contained personal information


We successful delivered the health and wellness platform with the following features, which enabled the business objectives to be met:

  • Integrated the application with fitness devices and platforms such as FitBit, Google and Apple Health, to sync steps, and health data
  • Allowed users to create teams, and invite other employees to their own wellness initiatives, such as step challenges and habits tracking
  • Developed a corporate level digital game called “Globetrotter” where employees form teams and compete against each other to clock the highest number of steps, simulated through “walking” from countries to countries
  • Allowed System Administrators to track mobile application usage, with anonymized health and user data to protect sensitive personal information