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Contract and Manpower Management System

Our Contribution
We worked with Singapore's largest physical security provider to digitise their resource management process from a manual to a system managed one, together with workflows, business rules and automated notifications to streamline operations while adhering to manpower resourcing rules and regulations
.NET Core; Amazon Web Services; VueJS


The system is a bespoke manpower resource management system where several functionalities are implemented to streamline and digitise the existing manual processes. Features include contract bidding and management, manpower allocation and management, document management and etc.

Approval Workflow
Manpower Management


Manpower management in the physical security industry has several regulatory constraints that needed to be complied with. This includes updating of manpower status to the Authorities, on-time updating of expiring documents, and others. Several stakeholders will need to be informed, reminded and documentations will need to be maintained. While streamlining the manpower management process, the system will also need to ensure that regulations are complied with.


Our solution includes reviews and approvals steps to ensure segregation of duties with appropriate check and balances. At the same time, a bespoke workflow enforces the manpower allocation process to be adhered to, to prevent critical and mandatory steps to be skipped. The system also provide automated alerts and notifications to inform and remind appropriate parties on action items which are of regulatory concern. The automation of these previously manual processes has brought about significant improvements in efficiency while ensuring controls are in place. With the manpower management processes digitised, additional enhancements and integrations to other existing systems, such as company-wide, are now possible and underway, to further streamline the entire end-to-end processes, from contract approval -> resource allocation -> manpower training -> attendance tracking -> payment and invoice -> data and analytics.