Case Studies

Laboratory Information Management System

Our Contribution
We developed an enterprise-grade product for clinical laboratories - a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which comes with fully configurable workflows, data fields and forms, for lab operations management and data collection & analysis.
.NET Core; VueJS; Azure


Having worked closely with clinical laboratories on bespoke applications for their needs, we quickly discovered that LIMS is the centrepiece of laboratory operations and enables a laboratory to manage various processes, including order management, sample management and test results. We embarked on a journey to develop a LIMS product which focuses on usability, ease of set-up and most importantly, security.

Medical & Healthcare

The Challenges

We understand several painpoints faced by laboratory users, based on their experiences with LIMS and related systems:

  • Inability to easily configure or manage workflows
  • Poor user experience due to outdated user interfaces
  • Lack of mobile-friendly interfaces
  • System is too complex and cumbersome to be used efficiently


We worked closely with our laboratory partner and developed a LIMS which aims to address the painpoints raised by the laboratory audience:

  • Researcher approved user interface and user experience
  • Fully configurable workflows, fields and attributes to meet any laboratory’s specific needs
  • Process automation, including automated notifications on due dates, inventory alerts and etc – thereby boosting productivity